SLACTIONS 2011 Submission

Here is the list of Paper/Poster submitted in SLACITONS 2011:-

  1. Effectiveness of virtual world timers in educational physics simulations
  2. Palacky University in Second Life. Our Experience and Recommendations for Virtual Education
  3. Remixing the American Dream Narratives of space and place in Second Life
  4. The Global Classroom an international collaborative language project in the metaverse
  6. The Death of a User Consequences on Avatars and Digital Content
  7. Expeditious Creation of Multiplayer Games for Second Life and Open Simulator Virtual Worlds
  8. The use of Second Life in the teaching of religion a case study in the monotheist religions teaching
  9. Visual perception in metaverses. Consuming advertising through the avatars eyes
  10. Creation of the xyzQin an interpretation and re-creation of the Shosoin qin () Tang Dynasty (735AD) ; now a locked-up qin in Shosoin Treasure House, Nara, Japan from sl to rl
  11. A Cross Examination of Teachers and Students Perspectives on Using Second Life for TESOL in Higher Education
  12. Virtual Worlds as a Collaborative Training Platform F-16 Engine Installation Scenario


Research conference in the Second Life world
Life, imagination, and work using metaverse platforms
November 2011

Make the most of travel budgets and save carbon: Attend in Second Life at the HKPolyU Campus Island or in the real world at one of the physical Local Chapters.

SLACTIONS is an international conference with a unique format held simultaneously in a virtual world (Second Life) and at physical locations in countries around the world on the topic of metaverse platforms. SLACTIONS will thus contribute to the current redefinition of the way we think about hybrid online and on-site scholarly collaborations.

SLACTIONS 2011 provides an international forum for presentation and discussion of research on most areas currently enabled by metaverse platforms. We welcome papers from the full spectrum of intellectual disciplines and technological endeavours: from Education to Business, Sociology to Psychology, Media Production to Technology Development, Architecture to Urban Planning, the Arts to Librarianship and Information Science.



SLACTIONS 2011 builds on the successful conference in SLACTIONS 2009 & SLACTIONS 2010 and will use the same hybrid format. It will take place concurrently on the virtual HKPolyU Campus Island in Second Life, and at physical Local Chapters in several countries. All paper presentations and plenary sessions by guest speakers will be held on-line in the Second Life virtual world, but also projected locally for participants that attend the physical Local Chapters. Participants can also follow the proceedings broadcast and have the opportunity to ask questions through the Web.

Workshops and other events can be conducted locally, or in a mixed format across participating chapters.