SLACTIONS 2012 Machinima Festival accepts works developed in any virtual world or multi-user game engine, as long as it is considered as art work, art, storytelling, music, documentary or demonstration Machinima. This includes platforms such as Second Life, World of Warcraft, The Sims Online, Eve Online, MovieStorm, Iclone, Minecraft, GTA, OpenWonderland, OpenCobalt, Activeworlds, and many others.

We accept entries from All Ages, All Cultures, and All Countries, preferably in English or with English subtitles, if the submission is both not in English and without English subtitles, we request an English version of the script. We accept video submissions through hosting services (like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion etc). A media upload link or address will be presented at the time of submission. Please see individual categories for submission requirements. To submit your work you must inform your alias or real life name (that’s up to you), video link, description and credits. (Note: in case of alias submission, in order to be eligible for awards the commission will need a method of establishing, if necessary, that there is no family or business relationship with members of the jury). Call for support by mail to . All submissions will be replied to as soon as we review the content.

  • Movie / film must have at least three minutes length
  • Each member can submit 3 film works (limit)
  • There are no submission fees.
  • There are two categories:
  1. 2012 Category
  2. Vintage Category


See the submitted works for the SLACTIONS 2012 Machinima Festival.

SLACTIONS 2012 Research conference on virtual worlds – Life, imagination, and work using metaverse platforms