We remind participants that Online-Only participants have priority of access the inworld conference.

SLACTIONS 2012 takes place in-world on the UTAD Island ( Participants can participate in the proceedings by two different methods:

  • Online-only registration, allowing Web and Second Life access;
  • Physical chapter registration, allowing both Web/Second Life access and physical access to a local chapter.

Each chapter defines is own rate and registration options.

Online-only registration

The online-only registration is intended for people who will access the conference only via inWorld and Web, and that will not participate phisically through any of the existent chapters.
Online-only users will receive the same benefits as physical users, however they will be able to fully participate in the conference without displacing themselves to any of the international chapters.

Registration rates

1. Avatar for Online-only: 300€

2. Chapter fees per participant’s avatar, see below the prices for each chapter:

Portuguese Chapter:

Irish Chapter:

  • 100€ for non-students
  • 40€ for students

- Information about the means of payment will be available soon.

New Zealand Chapter: information will be available soon.

Brazilian Chapter: information will be available soon.

SLACTIONS 2012 Research conference on virtual worlds – Life, imagination, and work using metaverse platforms