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Global Conference Schedule

*Time zone: Western European Time (UTC+0).

*SLT = Second Life Time (San Francisco, California, USA).

*You may attend at (UTAD Island, in Second Life). Please, use the official  Second Life viewer (compatible with web on a prim). You can download it here:

Day 1 – November 15th
Machinima Festival
Day 2 – November 16th
Time International event/papers Authors
Local events in chapters located in Australasia (New Zealand)
(1:00am SLT)
Opening session by the Steering Committee
(1:30am SLT)
Title: Language Learning in Virtual Worlds: The Role of FLA and Technical Anxiety Scott Grant (Monash University/Australia)
Hui Huang (Monash University/Australia)
Sarah Passfield-Neofitou (Monash University/Australia)
(2:00am SLT)
Title: Virtual Archaeology in Second Life and OpenSimulator Luís Miguel Sequeira (UTAD/Portugal)
Leonel Morgado (UTAD/Portugal)
(2:30am SLT)
Title: ‘Virtual’ morality: A Study on Un/Acceptable Moral Scenarios in Second Life Katleen Gabriels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel/Belgium)
(3:00am SLT)
Coffee break
(3:30am SLT)
Title: “Travellers Of The Art, II Summit of Latin American Art by Museum Karura Arts Centre (MKAC)” Yolanda Arana Lopez (MKAC/Spain)
Eva Bonastre (MKAC/Spain)
(4:00am SLT)
Title: For a Definition of Cyberformance Clara Gomes (Universidade Nova de Lisboa/Portugal)
(4:30am SLT)
Title: Exploring constructionism in virtual worlds: A four year study Carina Girvan (Trinity College Dublin/Ireland)
Timothy Savage (Trinity College Dublin/Ireland)
(5:00am SLT)
Lunch break and Local events on chapters in Europe (Portugal and Ireland) and the Americas (Brazil)
(8:00am SLT)
Title: The MICA Experiment: Astrophysics in Virtual Worlds S. George Djorgovski (Caltech/USA)
Piet Hut (Institute for Advanced Study/USA)
Rob Knop (Quest Univ. Canada, Univ. Federico II,/Italy)
Giuseppe Longo (Univ. Federico II/Italy)
Steve McMillan (Drexel University/USA)
Enrico Vesperini (Drexel University/USA)
Ciro Donalek (Caltech/USA)
Matthew Graham (Caltech/USA)
Ashish Mahabal (Caltech/USA)
(8:30am SLT)
Title: Virtual worlds as a tool to facilitate weight management for young people Michael Taylor (Imperial College London/United Kingdom)
Dave Taylor (Imperial College London/United Kingdom)
Paul Gately (Leeds Metropolitan University/United Kingdom)
Myutan Kulendran (Imperial College London/United Kingdom)
Ara Darzi (Imperial College London/United Kingdom)
(9:00am SLT)
Title: Technology Integration and Gamification in University Courses Diane Nahl (University of Hawaii/USA)
Leon James (University of Hawaii/USA)
(9:30am SLT)
Coffee Break / Lunch break in Texas
Poster session
(10:00am SLT)
Title: Kromosomer – an experience in shared creative work and expression Heidi Dahlsveen (Oslo and Akershus university college of applied sciences/Norway)
Catarina Carneiro de Sousa (Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico de Viseu/Portugal)
(10:30am SLT)
Title: AVES EXOTICAS – Using Virtual Worlds to Create Awareness about Wild Birds C. Maria Elias ( project)
Gonçalo Elias ( project)
(11:00am SLT)
Conference dinner and local events in chapters in Europe and the Americas
Day 3 – November 17th
(1:00am SLT)
Title: An Exploratory Research Agenda for 3-D Virtual Worlds as Collaborative Learning Ecosystems: Extracting Evidences from Literature António Correia (UTAD/Portugal)
Fernando Cassola (UTAD/Portugal)
Diogo Azevedo (UTAD/Portugal)
André Pinheiro (UTAD/Portugal)
Leonel Morgado (UTAD/Portugal)
Paulo Martins (UTAD/Portugal)
Benjamim Fonseca (UTAD/Portugal)
Hugo Paredes (UTAD/Portugal)
(1:30am SLT)
Title: A Pattern-based Classification Model for 3-D Virtual Environments: From ‘Building Blocks’ to Religious Buildings Diogo Azevedo (UTAD/Portugal)
Fernando Cassola (UTAD/Portugal)
António Correia (UTAD/Portugal)
André Pinheiro (UTAD/Portugal
Hugo Paredes (UTAD/Portugal)
Benjamim Fonseca (UTAD/Portugal)
Paulo Martins (UTAD/Portugal)
(2:00am SLT)
Paper selection for journal publication
(2:30am SLT)
Presentation of the SLACTIONS 2013 Organizing Committee
(3:00am SLT)
Closing session by the Steering Committee

SLACTIONS 2012 Research conference on virtual worlds – Life, imagination, and work using metaverse platforms