Slactions 2013 is the fifth edition of SLACTIONS, the original international conference held simultaneously in several countries on the topic of virtual worlds and metaverse platforms. This edition initiates a cooperation with the VS-GAMES conference, on the form of the workshop “Technology Challenges of Virtual Worlds in Education & Training towards widespread adoption”.

The 2013 edition includes the theme “Learning with simulations”. Special panels/workshops will convey this theme. The use of simulations in learning is now an important field of research in education and professional development, and virtual worlds/metaverse platforms play a significant role in this context. So join us for Slactions 2013, for the fora where researchers can present and discuss developments in simulations aiming to assist learning in science and technology education.

Virtual worlds and metaverse platforms have evolved from their text-only MUD origins to fully graphic massive locales, such as World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Second Life, Minecraft, Habbo Hotel, IMVU, League of Legends, and many others. Alongside these ready-to-use environments, many technological platforms support do-it-yourself creation of virtual worlds, such as OpenSimulator, Open Cobalt, Open Wonderland, and more. Social media has recently also presented itself as a channel for virtual worlds such as Cloud Party or The Sims Social.

This increasing use of virtual world technologies that act as platforms for end-users to create, develop, and interact, is expanding the realm of human cooperation, interaction, and creativity. Slactions is looking to present selections from submitted research, focusing on both basic research and applications of the aforementioned metaverse platforms and others, including MMORPGs and social media virtual worlds, providing a forum for the research community to present and discuss innovative approaches, techniques, processes, and research results. Multiple disciplines meet at Slactions, enabling a global perspective on research topics and concerns: Slactions has been contributing to the creation of a worldwide research community of virtual worlds / metaverse researchers. Slactions unique in its format too, as an event conducted both in a metaverse platform and on-site in multiple countries throughout the world. It contributed to the current redefinition of the way we think about hybrid online and on-site scholarly collaborations.


Slactions has the format of a hybrid online and physical conference. All paper presentations and plenary sessions by guest speakers will be held in an online virtual world (instrucions will be provided in the conference website), and projected locally at local chapters, for participants attending physically. Physical participants can interact with the online participants via a “physical chapter avatar” and microphone.
Workshops and other events may also take place locally in specific chapters or in mixed format across several participating chapters.